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Build the Foundations of a Solid Data Security Strategy with Data Classification


Watch a short demo to see Titus data classification in action.

You can get instant access to an on-demand demo of Titus data classification which will cover:

  • How users can easily classify the content they create
  • Using classification to quickly identify sensitive data and PII within documents and emails
  • Leveraging Machine Learning to make classification simple and accurate
  • How to classify data which hasn’t originated within the organization
  • Ensuring your data-at-rest is appropriately protected to minimize accidental data loss

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If you would like to see more, you can request a live custom demo with one of our representatives to discuss specific requirements and a deeper dive on what Titus data classification can do.

What is data classification, and why do you need it?

Data classification is the foundation of an effective data protection strategy. By applying visual and metadata labels to your data, informed decisions can be taken about how your organizational data is managed, protected and shared, both within and outside of the organization.


Aid compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, ITAR, NY DFS, and more


Transform your users into your biggest security asset


Powerful integration with security solutions such as DLP, encryption, rights management, and more