Automate & Automate BPA Server 9.0.3 Release

Automate & Automate BPA Server 9.0.3 Release

Posted on February 8, 2015

Automate 9.0.3 Release

Version 9.0.3 of both Automate and Automate BPA Server has just been released. Version 9.0.3 addresses 44 issues, including various action enhancements and issues that were introduced in 9.0.0, 9.0.1, and 9.0.2. With each release, however minor, we want to continue our efforts to deliver a more stable software to our customers.

Customers with valid license keys will be able to download the latest version from within their account pages. The evaluation editions reflect the latest version as well. 

In This Update: 


2993    AMTS: %AMTrigger.Filename% does not populate when you trigger a task from RDP as logged on user
3181    AMTS: %GetTaskName()% function does not display in a remote desktop session
3854    SMC: Execution Events Window does not update with workflows running prior opening SMC
4015    AMTA: An exception error on Help when licensing expires
4018    GET EMAIL: throws error "Invalid TNEF message for certain message"
4024    AMTA: Database logging creates tables in the database, however, database is not being displayed in the "logs" section of AMTA.
4025    SET VARIABLE:  InStr or InStrRev functions will not function properly without a space after the expression
4026    WFD: WFD and Reports crash the SMC when there are a lot of objects to be indexed
4027    BPAS_EXEC: execution server service RAM and CPU spikes when indexing a lot of objects for connected agents
4028    BREAK: on Loop Expression break action does not break out of the loop
4030    SMC/AMTA: check for update functionality not working if latest version does not have the same amount of digits as the previous version
4031    RUN: Error "An unhandled exception has occurred in plugin "SystemPluginRuntime""
4032    ERROR: "System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.InvalidOperationEx
4033    SMC: Calendar Error: "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection."
4034    SMC: guard cut/paste functionality in left window pane
4035    SMC: drag icon should remain the same when dragging a folder or object from the right window pane into the output/execution status pane
4036    AMTB: deleting regions that contain create variable actions leaves the variable references in AMTB
4040    AMTS: copy/paste tasks with schedule triggers; new tasks will not trigger until properties are updated or task is renamed
4042    BPAS_EXEC: System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute
4044    AMTS: Automate9SystemEvents.txt continues to populate with deleted tasks that contained schedule triggers
4045    AMTB: copy/paste create variable actions and renaming the copied variable shows only one variable in the variable pane
4046    AMTA: copy/paste on only newly renamed tasks prompts user to move and replace, don't move, move (keep both files)
4047    AMTS: trimmed logs are missing the first character of the first line
4048    AMTA: log pane does not accurately reflect all of the data in the log files
4049    AMTS: handle/thread leak with report refresh in amta
4058    BPAS_EXEC: executing a workflow that logs on a 2003 workstation appears to stall at first task execution
4059    AMTS: queue threshold is being ignored
4061    AMTB CHINESE/PORTUGUESE: error when trying to edit a basic script in amtb
4062    Embedded script does not work from a “child” of a “child task”. 
4065    SMC/WFD: stop task action with custom error number and text does not publish error when connected through remote desktop
4069    SMC: Cannot delete, cut/copy, paste, rename when Installing on
4071    BPAS_EXEC: adding an agent to an already existing file trigger assigned agent group will not trigger
4072    SMC: Execution Events window does not update the status on second window if 2 SMC window opens at same time.
4073    SMC: Execution Status window does not update when workflow running on different Vm.
4075    AMTS/BPA_TS: triggering appears to cease after an indeterminate amount of time until the service is restarted
4080    AMTA: After Trimming logs: Log files layout is corrupt and data are missing from AMTA logs.
4082    AMTA: trial expiration notification is missing icon and Automate title and should say trial instead of demo
4083    AMTA: Exception error on help when service disconnects.
4084    AMTA: Database logging creates tables in the database; however, “System Events” & “Audit Events” logs are not being displayed in the "logs" section of
4088    AMTA: Automate evaluation period expired message showing on the screen for just half a second
4089    AMTASKCM: ERROR: Unknown step command "AMFILESYSTEM"
4092    AMTA: ComponentOne evaluation version prompts occur when opening AMTA with FIPS enabled
4103    BPAS_MAN: custom query error messages being generated in event viewer
4106    SMC: paste functionality does not function in left tree view