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Meet Automate Complete (Webinar Recap)

Posted on July 10, 2017

These days most businesses are aware that automation is key to cutting costs and improving productivity. Determining which kind of automation is right for your organization’s unique needs can be more difficult.

Pat Cameron, Director of Automation at Fortra, recently hosted a webinar to introduce Automate Complete—the suite of products that covers the entire automation spectrum.


Islands of Automation

Automation solutions typically specialize in a certain type pf automation. For example, some are focused on automating simple tasks on a user’s desktop. Others provide job scheduling for your data center. Still others monitor and automate your system architecture.

Ideally, a business will benefit from implementing all of these types of automation. However, since most start automating to solve a specific challenge, they don’t always consider how they will scale and adapt their automation strategy to meet new requirements. Consequently, they end up with islands of automation—a mix of software solutions or scripts that don’t always work together perfectly.

Pat mentioned in the webinar that she often hears from contacts in the industry that they would like to be able to rely on a single vendor for every automation need. That’s where Automate Complete comes in.

Automate Complete is comprised of the following products:

Automate Schedule

Automate Schedule is an enterprise job scheduler that helps you maximize the ROI of your existing business applications. Many systems and applications will have built-in automation tools, but Automate Schedule lets you integrate those jobs into an enterprise-wide job schedule, while also augmenting them with Automate Schedule features like support for cross-system dependencies, audit logs, and automatic notifications.

In order to enable truly application-agnostic integration across the enterprise, Fortra recently released its Universal Connector, which allows the job scheduler to communicate with any third-party application.

Jump to 29:38 in the video to see Pat’s Automate Schedule demo or watch Meet Automate Schedule to learn more about Automate Schedule and the Universal Connector.


As Pat points out in the webinar, robotic process automation (RPA) is a popular buzzword these days. Automate is a robotic process automation and business process automation solution that lets you configure a software robot to streamline repeated processes. The robot can follow all the steps a human can to improve individual and team productivity. Common uses of Automate include:

Automate Plus

While basic RPA can save your business hours, getting the best return on investment for your solution means expanding beyond simple task automation. With comprehensive enterprise automation you can enable DevOps, meet and exceed SLAs, and keep your enterprise infrastructure working smoothly.

So how do you get there? Automate Plus has the same intuitive automation building blocks as Automate, but it can run on multiple agents, or robots. An Automate Plus agent is limited only by the CPU or memory allocated to that machine—the software doesn’t put any artificial restriction on how many processes can be run. That means your digital workforce can be as large or as small as you need it to be. Would you rather have one person configure 50 software robots, or require 50 people to complete those same processes?

Automate Plus also comes with add-on advanced features. If you’re ready for an enterprise-class solution, check out these videos to learn more:

Fortra also provides a network monitoring solution that integrates with Automate. Learn more here.

Automate in the Real World

In the webinar, Pat talked about a contractor that works with the Texas Department of Transportation. Every week they get a PDF of available contracts. Before automation was implemented, someone had to go through the list manually to find the pages with a “greater than 0” dollar amount in the Purchased Approve Field.

To find out how Automate took this tedious (and error-prone) work off their hands, jump to Pat’s demo at 20:41.

Want to find out what kind of automation is right for you? Get a personalized demonstration of any Automate product.