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ALD Automotive Takes a Business-Wide Approach to RPA

Based in the Netherlands, ALD Automotive is a global player in mobility financing and management and active in 43 countries. They strive to offer every company the right mobility mix, to make the day-to-day work of fleet- and mobility managers easier, and to take work out of the hands of the lease driver. 


ALD Automotive, a fleet management and car leasing company in the Netherlands, was looking for a way to streamline their many manual tasks. With the help of Korper ICT, they turned to automation to transform their manual processes.

Based in the Netherlands, Korper specialises in providing clients with workload and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. As a Fortra Platinum Partner, Korper introduced ALD Automotive to Automate to speed up their business processes through automation.

Transforming Processes Across the Business

Patrick Tukker, Systems Engineer at ALD Automotive, worked closely with Korper to implement RPA. Together they were able to transform processes across the entire business—in finance, ICT, sales, marketing, and even customer support. With such varying departments putting automation to work, they have been able to take advantage of the flexibility and versatility Automate offers to tackle any process. “With these processes automated we save hours of manual labour,” Tukker says. “There is no need for any manual checks because the bots we have created do all the work for us.”

Of the many business processes to automate, Automate bots have taken over such tasks as reading and processing Excel data, uploading files to servers for automated file transfers, and even helping handle fines driven by customers. Now they can automatically check and verify a valid bank account number for incoming fines, not only saving time for the financial team, but also reducing errors.

They also have several Exchange 365 tasks they use for email automation that takes data from an inbox, and automatically inputs it into their ERP software. “We upload and process a lot of different filetypes,” he says. “PDF files, ZIP files, Office documents from Word and Excel, and we even scrape data from websites that are used for automated calculations and registration.”

Centralised Application Integration

Tukker also uses Automate to bring together the many disparate applications and systems at ALD Automotive. Whether it’s automating tasks using desktop software like Microsoft Excel and Acrobat or bringing together their ERP software with SQL and Oracle databases, they’ve found almost limitless possibilities for integrations. And thanks to its native API capabilities and webservices, Automate helps the company connect better with their various partners.

Their end-to-end automated workflows include tasks involving many different applications. “We use Automate for financial tasks especially with Excel, but also for SMS services, SQL tasks, uploading documents, communicating with webservices, websites, and more,” Tukker says.

Fostering Collaboration Between IT and Business

According to Tukker, the biggest benefit he’s seen from Automate is the speed and efficiency of business processes. So much so that ALD Automotive continuously develops bots on a weekly basis. By properly testing new tasks before they go into production, employees often do not even notice when processes are done automatically—aside from all the time saved to focus on more strategic work.

“We’ve improved the knowledge of our business processes and their exceptions by using Automate,” Tukker says. “And we’ve increased the amount of goodwill and interaction between IT and the business.”

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