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Intermediate Sequel Viewpoint

During this live, instructor-led two-part course, you'll learn to summarize data in your views, in Host Tables, and dynamic Client Tables. Learn how to use the SQL UNION operator to combine the results of two or more SELECT clauses. Get more out of your dates values with alternatives to standard aging. Discover the Excel Add-in, a secure and powerful way to deliver data. Learn how to create dashboards, a great way to present information.

Topics include:

  • Creating and controlling summary levels using Group By
  • Building result columns using Aggregate Functions
  • Controlling summary record selection with Having
  • Analyzing supporting data with Dynamic Regroup & Show Details
  • Compare dates with the DURATION function and aging in years, months and days
  • Delivering cross-tab summary information with Sequel Host Tables
  • Dynamically deliver summary results with Client Tables (pivot, drill-down, and more)
  • Viewpoint MS Excel add-in
  • Merging file data with UNION
  • Information delivery in a dashboard

Who Should Attend

The class is designed for Sequel Viewpoint users who need more than the basics of view building.

Environment Prerequisites:

  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Current version of Sequel installed on your IBM i
  • Current version of Sequel Viewpoint installed on your PC
  • Viewpoint design authority
  • Access to Viewpoint during class for hands-on exercises
  • Authority to create class objects during class for hands-on experience
  • An IBM i user library where class objects can be saved
  • Access to all objects in the SEQUELEX library from Viewpoint

Knowledge/Experience Prerequisites:

  • Comfortable building views in the Viewpoint View Designer’s Files & Fields tab
  • A clear grasp of the basic Sequel clauses (SELECT, FROM, ORDER BY, WHERE & JOIN)
  • Knowledge of field conversion (number to date) with the CVTDATE function.

This class follows a blended approach to learning that includes:

  • Presentation and live demonstrations
  • Hands-on activities on your own system
  • Participant interaction with trainers during sessions

Registration is required at least 72 hours before the class. You can cancel your registration up to 72 hours before the class without penalty. No-shows will be billed.

Presenter: Rich Galeba

Rich Galeba

If you ever called Fortra support for Sequel, Esend, Sequel Web Interface, Abstract, Sequel Data Warehouse or Showcase, there is a good chance you have worked with Rich.

Rich has worked for Fortra for nearly 20 years as a support analyst, product training specialist, and project management consultant. Most of that time has been dedicated to supporting our client’s implementation and deployment of Fortra BI products lines.  

With thousands of support calls, and over 120 on-site Sequel education classes presented over the years, Rich also has a good idea of how the product is being used at our client sites. This experience helps ensure “best practices” when providing a Sequel training session. 

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Please contact us if you are interested in this class.  Use the comment section directly below to submit your request.

Please contact us if you are interested in this class.  Use the comment section directly below to submit your request.

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13 - 14
Wednesday - Thursday
Dec 13, 2023 - Dec 14, 2023
$594 per person
Two 3-hour sessions