IBM i Operations 101 | Fortra

IBM i Operations 101

This online training course helps you understand the basics of the IBM i operating system.
In this five-part course, you'll cover:

Part 1

  • Overview of System i Architecture

  • Using Menus

Part 2

  • Fundamentals of Operating System Commands

  • Getting Help

  • Maintaining User Profiles

  • Message Management

  • History Log Overview

Part 3

  • Working with Jobs (Batch and Interactive)

  • Managing Job Queues and Subsystems

  • Reading Job Logs

Part 4

  • Printing

  • Library Lists

  • System Values

  • Introduction to TCP/IP Communications

Part 5

  • Introduction to Backup and Recovery

  • Basics of PTF Management

  • Starting and Stopping Your System i

  • Defining a Restricted State


  • Training is done with 5250 emulation
  • Demonstrations are also done for IBM i Access Client solutions and Navigator for i
  • 5250 emulation session with user profile and password for systems/partition where the product is installed



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Available On Demand
$495 per person
10 hours - own pace