How to Mitigate Three Prevalent Advanced Email Threats

Cybersecurity experts continue to warn of sophisticated email attacks that prey on enterprise users. Advanced human-targeted attacks that trick unsuspecting recipients into interacting with or responding are becoming more pervasive, including:

  • Quishing (also called QR code phishing)
  • Trending social engineering tactics
  • O365 lures

These, among others, require advanced threat protection that augments baseline email security controls like SEGs and Microsoft 365.

Join our Fortra Email Security leaders, along with our guest speaker from Forrester, Jess Burn, Principal Analyst, for an exciting panel discussion around three of the most prevalent advanced email threats dominating headlines today. Luckily, if you take important steps to protect your email architecture now, they won’t continue to infiltrate your inbox.


Jul 16, 2024
10:00 - 11:00am EDT