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Transform Accounts Payable Processes with Intelligent Automation

You didn’t hire your accounts payable team just for data entry, chasing down invoices, and manually matching POs. Learn how an intelligent capture solution can take the pain out of data extraction, classification and routing to achieve smarter AP processes. Whether your data is structured (from a spreadsheet, database, or portal), or unstructured (from emails, forms, and invoices), we’ll show you how an intelligent AP automation solution can help you:

  • Capture invoices the minute they arrive
  • Automatically classify documents and separate your invoices from supporting documents
  • Extract header, footer and line-item detail data and share with your AP or ERP solution
  • Electronically route invoices for processing and approval
  • See what invoices are queued for processing and apply strict controls to maintain compliance

Learn how you can transform your AP processes to save your team hours of manual work, cut back on errors, and save money by avoiding duplicate, late or overcharged invoices.

Jun 22, 2023
30 minutes