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A Guide to IBM i Message Management

This guide teaches you how to handle IBM i message management, including the fastest and more accurate ways to monitor for messages, filter critical messages, and escalate messages to members of your team as needed.

Realize ROI with Robot

Robot has a reputation for providing high-quality systems management software and backing it up with great support. These additional benefits can help you justify the cost of automation at your company.
On-Demand Webinar

Where to Start with IBM i Monitoring

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how Robot Console software can identify bad data, application issues, and device malfunctions and help you monitor IBM i partitions by exception.

Mobile Dashboards for IBM i Monitoring

Robot Console leverages the power of Fortra' dashboards containing browser access! Mobile-friendly dashboards allow you to combine key message summary and resource status data into a single, intuitive view. Read on to learn more.

Two-Way Message Response with Robot

You have the afternoon off—but not the responsibility of monitoring your system for issues. This includes responding to application and system messages as they occur on your production IBM i jobs. You don’t want to carry your laptop around just in case you need to VPN back to answer a message that is waiting on your month-end process. What option do you have?