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Realize ROI with Robot

Robot has a reputation for providing high-quality systems management software and backing it up with great support. These additional benefits can help you justify the cost of automation at your company.

What Not to Do for IBM i Disaster Recovery

It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many organizations are still making these tape media mistakes. If this is you, there’s never been a better time to change your processes and improve IBM i disaster recovery!

IBM on IASP for PowerHA Implementations

You’ve heard about IASP technology many times over the years, but you’ve been ignoring it, haven’t you? Steve Finnes confirms that it’s past time we “get to know it, understand it, and not be afraid of it.”

FlashCopy: Pros and Cons

IBM System Storage FlashCopy might seem like magic. But do the benefits for IBM i business continuity outweigh the hidden costs? Read on to find out.

Backup Basics: Saving Your Data and Your Job

You need a backup strategy to test your company’s disaster recovery plan and, despite its reputation for reliability, administrators still need to back up their IBM i. A sound backup strategy should also restore individual user objects to account for human error.