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Implementing a Consolidation Strategy

Improve Service quality "IT organizations should engage in a server consolidation project with three major goals: cost reduction, agility improvement and service-level improvement." Source: “Key Issues for Servers,” Gartner Inc. GOAL: IMPLEMENT A CONSOLIDATION STRATEGY Many companies are re-evaluating their IT infrastructures in light of changing business practices, economic demands, and security...

Ensure Availability at a Reasonable Cost to Meet Business SLAs

Availability is a key indicator of how successfully an IT organization is supporting the company’s business objectives. Are required service levels in terms of workload volume and response times being achieved consistently for the business units? If not, the impact can be significant: a stoppage or slowdown can, in a matter of minutes, disrupt your supply chain and result in lost transactions...

Automate File Uploads to SharePoint

Here's the dilemma: You need to synchronize a set of files from a network share to a SharePoint team site on a daily basis, but these files are not just going into one SharePoint document library. The solution: Just automate the whole process with Automate.

Discover Automate's New Capabilities for Office 365

With the eagerly anticipated release of Microsoft’s cloud-based service, Office 365, on June 28, Network Automation immediately set to work on ensuring the current Microsoft Office automation facilities in Automate were enhanced to provide its customers with equivalent automation capabilities.

AutoMate Bridges the Gap Between Disparate Applications

Automate from Fortra provides application security, streamlined communication including sending emails and text messages to IT regarding successful or failed tasks, error handling, and flexibility and versatility via its highly coveted development interface (no programming or scripting needed).

mySQL and the SQL Query Action

Automate can easily interact with a mySQL server and its associated databases through the SQL Query and SQL Stored Procedure actions. The document explains how to setup a mySQL data source connection through Automate that can be used to run queries against a mySQL database.

Debugging Tasks

We'll explore some of the techniques you can use to debug tasks in the Automate Task Builder. Several features available in Automate 6.1 can help make this an easier process.