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With Public Cloud OS Instances Growing, Security Challenges Grow, Too

“Some cloud vendors tout that systems deployed within their framework require little or no administration: You create an image with the software and applications that you want it to provide services for, spin it up in a management console, and Voila! you have an entirely new system online; with minimal cost, no hassle, little work. However, even with newer models for virtualization appearing on...

Message Received?

When was the last time you reviewed your Robot Console message automation? If you’re out of practice, let’s take a look at what you can do to maximize your message automation and reports.

DB2 Field Procedures

DB2 Field Procedures were introduced in IBM i 7.1 to make encryption projects simpler. Read this article for details about how they work.

HelpSystems Insite: The IT Operations Dashboard That Is Revolutionizing Visibility

At Fortra, our job is to make yours easier. I talk to customers every day and I’m thrilled to hear that HelpSystems Insite® is doing just that by giving their IT teams a better way to deploy our software and manage IT throughout their organizations. Customers have shared rave reviews about the fresh interface, with its modern look and feel and ease of navigation. They like that it’s browser based...