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Jumpstart Your Cost Optimization Project

When exciting new services get underway, IT can be reduced to a cost center. In an effort to keep services up, leadership adopts a “performance at any cost” mindset and allocates more resources than necessary as an insurance policy against downtime. But this is not a sustainable strategy, and especially in times like these, your organization needs to focus on controlling costs in every area of the...
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Data Security Challenges: How Our Suite Helps

Data security is hard. We’re not going to sugarcoat it. In this 60-minute webinar we'll: Discuss the best practices for protecting your data throughout its lifecycle Introduce our full data security suite, which provides protection from creation to publication, and sharing of your sensitive data. Explore some common use cases that our suite helps address And more! If you are curious about our...
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What Is Data Classification, And Why Do You Need It?

In June 2020, data classification leaders Boldon James and Titus were both acquired by Fortra. The addition of both these companies into an already expansive cybersecurity portfolio has springboarded Fortra into becoming the leading platform in specialist data classification provision. The rise of globally dispersed workforces and new work-from-home requirements are placing extraordinary pressure...
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The IBM Power Play at Fortra

Who is Fortra? You might know us as Robot, Sequel, or Powertech. Or perhaps, to you, we are Webdocs, GoAnywhere MFT, or Titus. Under any name, one fact remains constant: Fortra helps thousands of IBM Power customers around the world Build a Better IT™ through our industry-leading software and world-class technical support. And we want to extend the power of our portfolio to you. During this...
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Journaling for Db2 and IFS

During this recorded webinar, the IBM i experts from Fortra help you get a better understanding of how journaling works.
On-Demand Webinar

5 Myths About Encryption on IBM i

In this live webinar, IBM i security expert Sandi Moore breaks down some of the most common (and persistent!) myths that stop IT pros from implementing encryption on IBM i.