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Putting a Hug Around Acquisitions: Donnie MacColl

Donnie MacColl says Fortra makes acquisitions successful by putting a hug around the companies it welcomes to the family. Discover why the senior director of technical services and GDPR data protection officer says he’s never been happier at work.

A Spotlight on Cybersecurity: 2022 Trends and 2023 Predictions

In 2022, geopolitical unrest and an expanding online attack surface contributed to the emergence of several themes across the cyber landscape. Infrastructures associated with opposing ideologies were highly targeted, with government agencies, supply chains, and IOT devices falling victim to high-profile campaigns. Cybercriminals launched increasingly advanced attacks on vulnerable entities, with...

The IT Automation Survey

Companies continue to embrace digital transformation to navigate the post-pandemic climate. From economic uncertainties to an ever-shifting job market, IT automation tools are helping organizations meet the moment. And as automation solutions - and strategies - have evolved, we wanted to take the pulse of our users and get a snapshot of the state of IT automation and what’s top of mind as they...

The Citizen Developers Guide to Automation 

Citizen Developers: A New Frontier in Efficiency With IT teams stretched thin, and the availability of low-to-no-code tools, organizations around the globe have seen an increase in employees outside the IT department automating routine tasks and applications. Called citizen developers, these non-technical resources can add significant business value as they seek to automate routine tasks and...

How to Recognize and Respond to Emerging Social Media Cybersecurity Threats

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. YouTube. Pinterest. Mastodon. The list goes on. Whether you love or loathe social media, these platforms have become integral to how we communicate as individuals and businesses. Cybercriminals have also taken note, embracing these communication channels wholeheartedly to reach vast audiences quickly, anonymously, and cheaply, successfully defrauding targets...
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Infrastructure Protection for Proactive Security

Infrastructure Protection for Proactive Security Today’s threat landscape is moving so rapidly that it’s essential to anticipate attacks and adapt your cybersecurity strategy to avoid becoming the next security breach. Such devastating breaches can cripple an organisation, slowing or halting day-to-day operations and doing significant harm to a business’ reputation. Join our infrastructure...