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Accelerating Security Maturity with Fortra Bundles

In The Importance of Layering Offensive Security Solutions , Fortra experts underscore the advantage of developing a single source offensive security tooling portfolio. Read on to find out the necessary ingredients for a proactive strategy and why Fortra’s ability to combine and maximize solutions optimizes security and produces the most effective outcomes. The Five Elements of an Offensive...
Press Release

Fortra Introduces New Integrations for Offensive Security

Fortra today announced new integrations for its offensive security solutions that streamline capabilities for vulnerability management, penetration testing, and red teaming. Working together, the solutions apply the same techniques used by threat actors to identify and exploit gaps in an organizations’ security. With this proactive security approach, customers can find and fix weaknesses in their security posture before they are exploited.

99% of User-Related Threats Are Email Impersonation Attempts

Threats in corporate inboxes hit new highs with a quarter of all reported emails classified as malicious or untrustworthy. 99% of these threats were email impersonation threats, such as BEC and credential theft lures, that lack attachments or URLs delivering malware payloads. Cybercriminals continue to bypass traditional email security tools and reach end users by impersonating individuals...

Fortra's Complete Guide to Layered Offensive Security

Most organizations have a decent understanding of the types of defensive security tactics they need to employ to thwart cyberattacks. But offensive security techniques are just as important for detecting existing vulnerabilities that a threat actor has yet to discover and exploit. Learn how to approach offensive security from the ground up, including the value of using a layered security approach...

How Fortra Supports the Zero Trust Journey

What Zero Trust means, tips for getting started, and how Fortra solutions support your Zero Trust security journey.

Red Team Bundle

Cobalt Strike and Outflank Security Tooling (OST) are two elite red teaming solutions ideal for assessing the security posture of an organization by deploying sophisticated adversary simulations. Cobalt Strike is a threat emulation tool that provides a post-exploitation agent and covert channels, replicating the tactics and techniques of an advanced adversary in a network. OST is a curated set of...

Advanced Red Team Bundle

Core Impact , Cobalt Strike , and Outflank Security Tooling (OST) are three powerful security solutions that use the same techniques as today’s threat actors in order to safely evaluate organizational infrastructures and provide guidance on closing security gaps, enhancing defenses, and creating more resilient security strategies. Core Impact is an automated penetration testing tool, typically...