PhishLabs Product Releases

Welcome to Release Day 2022.2 

These pages are designed to give you highlights of the innovative new features now available within the latest versions of the IT solutions you rely on. The products you use on a daily basis fall within suites that solve similar business requirements. These suites fall into three major portfolios, Infrastructure Protection & Data Security, Intelligence & Automation, and IBM i & Additional products. This new structure has been created to build solutions that meet specific organizational needs, and ultimately create the best experience for our customers.

You'll notice a beside some release announcements, denoting a major release. Note that you'll still see timely bug fixes and minor releases throughout the year to provide you with the best usability and experience for your Fortra products. 

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The Latest from PhishLabs

PhishLabs is a cyber threat intelligence company that protects against brand, account takeover, and data leakage threats, delivering curated threat intelligence and complete threat mitigation across the digital risk landscape.

Recent product releases include:

  • PhishLabs Web App Updates 30    
    • Clickable Dashboards: Now, users can click on dashboard incident counts and quickly drill deeper into Digital Risk Protection, Suspicious Email Analysis, and SOAR data to make faster decisions. Dashboards show high-level analytics at a glance, giving users insight into threat volume, monthly incident trends, and mitigations in progress. Quick snapshots display counts of both new and closed incidents over the last 24 hours and 30 days. By clicking Incident counts, users get direct access to the filtered view of the selected snapshot for in-depth reviews.
    • Export 4x More Incident Data: Web App download export limits have increased from 10,000 to 40,000 incident records, saving users valuable time and reducing complexities while examining data.
    • Expanded Monthly Reporting Functionality: Enhancements to the Digital Risk Protection Monthly Summary Report help users gain flexibility and customization for monthly reporting. When creating a report, a Month-to-Date toggle and Period Ending field in the Add Report section, provide the ability to specify unique end dates. Users can run a month-to-date report including incident data up to midnight the previous day and generate monthly reports as far back as 18 months.
    • Save a Frequently Used Incident Filter: A new “My Filter” drop-down option in the Filter Pane of the Digital Risk Protection Web App, allows users to quickly load and/or update a frequently used filter query with 1-click, saving time and reducing multiple steps while accessing important incident data.
  • Counterfeit Protection 1.0  
    • PhishLabs has added a solution for defending against online counterfeiting. Now, clients can stop counterfeit advertisements and sites from targeting customers, eroding sales, and damaging brand integrity through multi-channel detection and mitigation. This bundle of services includes the identification and takedown of:
      • Fake social media business profiles

      • Counterfeit ads on Facebook

      • Deceptive ads placed through Google and Bing

      • Look-alike domains

      • Website storefronts selling pirated goods to unsuspecting consumers

      • Learn more about PhishLabs' Counterfeit Protection

  • PhishLabs & Agari Integrations 1.0 

    • PhishLabs and Agari have completed an initial integration stage, enabling us to strengthen our service offerings for joint clients. Key opportunities have emerged, including intelligence sharing, infrastructure takedowns, and classification and enrichment enhancements, with more on the horizon.

    • Use of Agari DMARC Failures: As part of an integrated intelligence-sharing program, PhishLabs can now use Agari DMARC failures as an additional source for Credential Theft Detection, enhancing our ability to source phish. Clients with Agari Brand Protection and PhishLabs Credential Theft sources will benefit from a more robust, combined solution. For each Agari DMARC failure, PhishLabs will review the associated URLs in the email for active threats. URLs confirmed as malicious are then shut down as part of the PhishLabs Credential Theft service, with the sourcing field visible in the PhishLabs Web App.

    • Phishing Infrastructure Takedowns: We have also enhanced our ability to stop additional phishing threats by disrupting the attacker's sending infrastructure. By identifying threats from Agari Brand Protection (DMARC), we can now confirm the delivery method of a phish. PhishLabs uses this information as evidence to pursue the takedown of the sending infrastructure and all associated phish targeting your organization.