Cybersecurity Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

Today’s societies run on the power of industrial manufacturing. Fortra offers advanced cybersecurity solutions, services, and devices for modern OT environments.


As modern life becomes increasingly dependent on industrial control systems (ICS), it becomes more important than ever to secure them. However, while more connectivity means more convenience, it also means more vulnerability.

SCADA systems, old OT and new IT environments, and even your manufacturing floor all depend on reliable, secure moving parts that do what they are expected to do — day in and day out. State-of-the-art cybersecurity protocols enable modern industrial systems to meet production requirements, combat state-sponsored threats, and continue to underpin the modern economy.

From network monitoring to document management and automated compliance, the right cybersecurity protocols keep the industrial sector going — so it can continue to keep us going.

The Benefits of Cybersecurity in Industrial Manufacturing

IT/OT Integration

Safely integrate old OT and new IT environments with critical security controls

Simplify Compliance

Get built-in templates covering the standards, security policies, and regulatory compliance requirements for industrial control systems (ICS)

Prevent Production Slowdowns

Secure controllers, network devices, Active Directory, data historians, and more without jeopardizing productivity

Complete Network Mapping

Gain visibility into your network of industrial manufacturing facilities around the world

Detect Anomalous Behavior

Surface stealthy attacks with continuous threat detection and behavioral monitoring

Fortra’s Manufacturing Cybersecurity Case Studies

Fortra is on the front lines of securing manufacturing services in cyberspace. Here are a few examples of our commitment. 

A $30b manufacturing and consumer goods company with over 60,000 employees relied on intellectual property to maintain their advantage in a competitive market. When a senior research scientist left, he downloaded over 20,000 sensitive documents and took at least 150 of those to his new employer. The organization estimated the cost of the data breach at $400 million.

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A pen tester tasked with completing an internal penetration test on a large, multi-national manufacturer used Core Impact and Cobalt Strike to gain access to first thirteen machines, then a couple hundred, and ended by taking over the entire domain—after a previous pen test had revealed "nothing in particular."

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Reliably deploying multilingual cybersecurity training that thousands of worldwide employees—speaking a combination of English, French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, and Thai—will enjoy and complete is a difficult ask. That was the challenge a global manufacturing company faced as increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, phishing scams, and other security risks threatened their overall performance.

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Secure Industrial Manufacturing with Fortra

Industrial manufacturing is of critical concern to both communities and cybercriminals alike. Find out how Fortra can help you mature your ICS systems today.

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