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Fortra VM is a proactive, risk-based vulnerability management solution that is crucial to any cybersecurity portfolio.  With its robust feature set, Fortra VM assesses and prioritizes your system weaknesses and creates easily understood reporting for efficient and effective remediation.  

A Leading Vulnerability Management Solution Among G2 Users

A Leading Vulnerability Management Solution Among G2 Users

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Identify, Evaluate, Report, and Prioritize Vulnerabilities

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Accurately and efficiently find vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals.


Assess and determine which vulnerabilities are "real world" exploitable.


Powerful reporting helps measure remediation efforts, track security trends, and helps meet compliance and regulatory standards.


Determine which vulnerabilities are the highest priority based on your specific industry and company security details, as well as severity of the weakness, asset exposure, and asset importance.

In-Depth Vulnerability Management Features

Threat Landscape

Threat rank uses security modeling that identifies exploitation vectors that are used in real world attacks.  Based on this data, companies can stay ahead of these trending attacked vulnerabilities and remediate the ones that are the highest attack target.

An active risk score is based on the severity of the vulnerability, the threat rank, company asset exposure, and criticalness of the asset. 

See How Proactive, Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Can Enhance Your Cybersecurity

Start your trial of Fortra VM and see how easy it is to use for organizations of all sizes and industries.  Get an easy, affordable, and effective vulnerability management solution.


Risk-Based VM SaaS Subscriptions

An annual subscription of Fortra VM gives you uninterrupted, on-demand expert service.  With the addition of a personal security analyst, this is a convenient, time-saving, hassle-free SaaS service solution.

Benefit from continuous vulnerability management security assessments and enhance your overall cybersecurity posture. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Get scalable VM options that fit your organization with any of the available subscriptions.

Bundle security solutions and get stronger, layered proactive security that can include pen testing and red teaming.

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See how affordable Fortra VM can be, especially with the depth of features and functionality.  More than just a scan, Fortra VM is an essential layer of and cybersecurity portfolio.

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