IBM i Risk Assessment

Our experts can assess the current state of your system security, compile key findings, and share recommendations.

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To improve your data security, you have to know where you’re starting from. Give your security the attention it needs, starting with a full security audit.  

If your organization has never had a security policy, or you want to know where you really stand with IBM i server security, our experts will tell you what you need to know. An IBM i Risk Assessment, conducted by the Fortra security team, is the first step of any security plan. We’ll assess your system’s security vulnerabilities and provide you with a detailed report of expert findings and recommendations.

No Need to Become a Security Expert
Guarantee an Objective Perspective
Peace of Mind

What We'll Review

Our expert-led iSeries Risk Assessment services include evaluations of:

Administrative privileges

Folder permissions

Secure remote access

Server configuration

User attributes

Command permissions

Login policy

Password policy

Event auditing

And many other system settings

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