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Fortra aligns IT and business goals to help IBM i organizations build a competitive edge. Our software secures IT environments, monitors and automates processes, and provides easy access to the information people need. More than 15,000 organizations in 100+ countries rely on Fortra to make IT lives easier and keep business running smoothly.

We know that modern IT teams need modern IBM i tools. Fortra Insite is your IT operations center. It elevates IBM i visibility into a single pane of glass where key metrics and data insights come together, helping you manage your IBM i estate. With Insite’s unified web interface, it’s easy to update to the latest product versions, create operational dashboards, and manage work from any device.

Underpinning Fortra Insite is powerful, trusted software engineered to solve IT concerns on IBM i. From cybersecurity to systems management to business intelligence, Fortra has you covered.

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IBM i automation

The Robot product line provides automation solutions for all IBM i environments. Robot offers native IBM i solutions for all critical areas of system management, including job scheduling and batch process management, data replication and high availability, performance and application monitoring, and more.


IBM i security

Powertech is the leading source of automated security and compliance solutions for the IBM i as well as AIX and Linux. Our solutions are designed to help you simplify cybersecurity, so you can easily meet auditor demands and harden your system to protect your organization’s most valuable asset: your business-critical data.


IBM i business intelligence

Sequel delivers business intelligence solutions for Power Systems™ running on IBM i. With powerful query and reporting capabilities, Sequel makes it easy to access, analyze, and distribute data exactly how you want it. 

Unparalleled IBM i and AS/400 Expertise

IBM i PowerUp Conference


Fortra is home to the world’s top IBM i experts. From cybersecurity to operations to analytics, our team understands the full potential of this powerful operating system. It shows in our tools, developed and designed with your needs in mind. It shows in our world-class, friendly technical support. And it shows in our highly respected IBM i advocates.

We put our knowledge to work for you. We listen to the IBM i community and we know time, resources, and expertise are in short supply. That’s why we can help configure and implement your solutions, so there’s no waiting on your side. If you have IT staff who are new to IBM i, our solutions shorten the learning curve.

Our global team of IBM i experts share their knowledge online through webinars and at events around the world. Whether you’re in Argentina or Italy, Sweden or Singapore, you won’t find a bigger advocate for IBM i than Fortra.

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Considering Moving to the Cloud?

The number of IBM i shops operating a hybrid or cloud-exclusive environment continues to grow. But what are the factors that are driving this trend? And how do organizations determine their quality of fit for the cloud? Check out our guide “Moving Your IBM i to the Cloud: What You Need to Know” to learn why organizations are making the switch and what they need to consider before making the move.  

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Support for Db2 Web Query for i Has Ended


Db2 Web Query for i customers will be able to continue using the product, but face the long-term risks associated with operating an unsupported product, including security concerns, a lack of bug fixes, no further development of the product, and compatibility issues if systems are upgraded.

If you are a Db2 Web Query for i customer interested in finding a supported replacement, look no further than Fortra’s Sequel. Sequel has offered the IBM i community easy and reliable data access and reporting for more than 35 years – delivering the features and functionalities that Db2 Web query for i customers rely on and much more. Follow the link below for more information on how you can not only migrate, but also revamp your BI projects with Sequel. 

Support for Db2 Web Query for i Has Ended

Valued IBM i and AS/400 Insights


Smart. Trusted. Dynamic.

IBM i is the best-kept secret in IT. This OS is so important to organizations around the world, but finding out how IBM i is used in modern data centers isn’t always easy. Fortra is plugged into the IBM i community at all levels. Our relationships with IBM, technology partners, and our own diverse customer base help us understand what users need—and we deliver.

Through first-of-its-kind research like the annual IBM i Marketplace Survey and the State of IBM i Security Study, IBM i users are better able to see how their peers are using the platform, leveraging modern technology, and driving business forward.

As a respected thought leader in the IBM i space, our research is often cited by IBM and other IBM i advocates. Our goals are to educate the market, keep the platform vibrant, and contribute to the IBM i community.

Your Solution to the IBM i Skills Shortage


IBM i skills depletion has been a top concern for IT management for the past several years. The skills shortage goes beyond staff turnover and retirement to include changing technologies and evolving security threats. Additional business pressures such as peak periods, employee leave, overnights, and weekends can make it difficult to cope even day to day.

To close the skills gap, leading organizations are leveraging Fortra tools to streamline processes and supplement staff. Our knowledgeable service providers also deliver the expertise IBM i shops can rely on without adding headcount.

Whether you need for consultation, managed services, or product training and implementation, we’ve got you covered.

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