Problem Determination Analysis

Allow our experts to perform fast problem determination, so you can quickly figure out what just happened to your system.

Discover the Root Cause of Your Performance Problems


Performance problems come in many different shapes and sizes, from response time to job run time to job throughput. In most cases, end users want to blame the hardware. It’s up to the Power Systems administrator to investigate to what extent hardware is or was a part of the performance problem. Even when the hardware is not part of the issue, it would be nice to help to the application team understand the issues from an application point of view.

Allow Fortra experts to analyze your performance data to provide a clear picture of how or whether hardware was involved and to what extent any changes in the application’s resource consumption are part of the issue.

No Need to Become an Expert

Understanding performance data requires a deep knowledge of how IBM Power Systems servers work, particularly in a virtualized world. Having a deep knowledge of performance-tuning options within the operating systems (IBM i, AIX, VIOS, Linux) is also a must, as tuning those systems might be part of the solution. Fortra experts have years of experience with both the Power hardware and the tuning options available for the operating systems that run on it.

Built-In Project Management

Fortra will provide the data-gathering software and lead as many virtual meetings with your IT team as necessary into order to collaborate on the issue and find resolution to your satisfaction.

Cost-Conscious Recommendations

Our experts can help determine the extent to which your hardware and/or your application is part of the problem and make recommendations to address any issues. Even if hardware is not part of your current problem, increasing hardware resources could be less expensive than application changes.

What You'll Receive

Depending on your needs, our problem determination experts will provide any or all of the following:

Perform a complete hardware performance analysis during the problem 

Identify any hardware bottlenecks and possible solutions

Create a historical resource consumption profile for any job or user in question

Recommend any operating system tuning that might help

Recommend any application changes that might help (i.e., application design options, not line of code changes)

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