Our Leadership Team

We believe in embracing the journey, celebrating teamwork and diversity, pursuing excellence, and always being helpful.




Each member of the Fortra leadership team lives and breathes our core values every day. You’ll find these industry experts to be second to none in their dedication to making Fortra a beacon in the industry for its commitment to quality in everything we do. Our leaders work hard to cultivate the remarkable Fortra spirit that empowers us to learn, adapt, grow, and succeed on a global scale.

Recognition for Our Leadership Team 

As a testament to Fortra's ongoing growth and dedication to excellence, our fearless CEO Kate Bolseth and Chief People Officer Joanna Leach were named a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business Honorees. Soon after, Matthew Reck was named a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 2021 CFO of the Year Honoree due to his skillful financial leadership.   

Get to know each member of our leadership team below.   

Executive Leadership


Fortra’s world-class executive leadership team not only drives our vision, they craft our mission. With decades of combined C-suite experience, they understand where the technology market sits today and what still has to be done to secure tomorrow. On the cutting-edge of cybersecurity innovation, they keep an ear to the ground and a sky-level view as they oversee both functional centers of excellence and the corporate operations of business.