Security Architecture

Close security gaps with a re-architected application security scheme designed by IBM i experts to meet your unique needs.

Let Us Architect Your Security Action Plan


After you’ve identified your most critical IBM i security vulnerabilities, creating a specific plan to fix them requires expertise, time, and resources. It’s no surprise that many businesses feel they have a significant knowledge gap when it comes to creating a roadmap to improve data security—much less the time and manpower to do it right.

Fortra security experts understand how to develop a detailed plan to address security issues in today’s threat landscape. If you’re unsure of where to begin, we can help you take the first steps. Our experts begin by conducting a Risk Assessment as part of a full Fortra security audit. Next, we work together to architect a plan to close your security gaps, educating you on important security concepts along the way.


Address Risks the Right Way

Without a guided expert, it’s easy for companies to create security plans that are incomplete. With our years of experience, you can trust us to develop a solid plan that will address exactly how to roll out necessary changes to your security configuration.

Take a Backseat

Being pressured to deliver a security plan to your boss is nerve-wracking when your knowledge of security is limited. Our consultants will take the lead, guiding you through a thorough security architecture process in which we review the results of your Risk Assessment and create a detailed action plan of items to be corrected, educating and training you to be fully prepared to maintain the plan moving forward. We can even execute the plan for you if needed.

Save Time

Your to-do list is already long enough. Why not hand off security planning to people who do it every day? Let us save you the work of researching and formulating a plan. Once we’re finished, the plan will be ready to go, so your architecture is set for the future.

What Does Security Architecture Include?

Our experts will develop a detailed security plan for your business. This service includes a variety of activities, such as:

Identifying applications needing remediation

Classifying data to be protected

Understanding your policy regarding what job roles should access data directly

Architecting an application security scheme to reflect your control requirements

Determining a roll-out plan for issues to be corrected

Providing education on security concepts

Explaining how to make appropriate changes and maintain configuration going forward

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