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Data is growing, and everyone from IT to C-suite executives needs fast and easy access to it. Older data access tools are cumbersome and difficult to use, but Sequel Data Access is a different story.

Sequel is a leading data access and reporting tool for IBM i and remote databases. With Sequel, it’s easy for anyone to access, analyze, and report on the data they need, when they need it.

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Why should I choose Sequel?

Speedy Installation

Start running queries within an hour after installing Sequel on your IBM i server.

Integration with Microsoft Excel

Use Microsoft Excel as a data source or access, analyze, and report on data directly in Excel.

Remote Database Access

Pull together data from your remote databases like DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle on your IBM i.

Executive Dashboards

Create views, graphs, and gauges to summarize key data your stakeholders need to make business decisions.

Three Great Interfaces

Access data via the IBM i green screen, graphical user interface (GUI), or a browser interface. With the browser interface, you can even access your IBM i data on the go with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Dynamic Data Analysis

Pivot and drill down via client tables, use predefined views with runtime prompts, or create ad hoc requests to easily analyze live metrics.

Customizable Reports

Design impressive graphical reports that are easy for anyone to interpret.

Sequel is a very valuable tool because it allows us to take our ideas from concept to results. I’m convinced that there’s nothing we can’t do with Sequel— it’s very cool.

Carl Novit, Vice President and Co-Owner, FRS