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Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i audits user access to sensitive corporate data in real time without disrupting normal business activity. By giving you the ability to reduce the number of user profiles with special authorities, Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i helps you resolve one of the most common IBM i security lapses. Try it today and see for yourself.

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What do I get with Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i?

First-Rate Support

Get your questions answered by a real person 24/7.

Monitored Authority Swaps

Reduce the number of profiles with special authority by defining which users can swap into privileged profiles, what authorities they can switch to, and how long they can use that authority.

Real-Time Alerts

Notify managers and selected recipients every time a user assumes privileged authority.

Complete Audit Trail

Log actions taken by powerful profiles to a secure journal as required by many regulatory initiatives, including SOX and PCI DSS.

Segregation of Duties

Save time and administrative effort by enforcing the segregation of duties required by SOX and other security standards.

[Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i] provides the separation of duties that SOX auditors look for. I receive an alert when a user swaps into a powerful profile as well as a daily report that I can keep on file.

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