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Without accurately analyzing your hardware needs based on historical data, you’ll be flying blind when it’s time for your next upgrade. Having the wrong capacity can prevent your business from operating the way it needs to. Performance Navigator helps you build a baseline of historical performance data, so you’ll have the information you need in order to make a smart investment when the time comes.

Why should I choose Performance Navigator?

Performance Analysis

Analyze historical performance data for complex CPU, memory, and disk reports in HTML output for one partition, the whole frame, or the entire enterprise using the trademark Power Analytics feature in Performance Navigator.

Capacity Planning

Plan and configure upgrades, server consolidations, LPAR configurations, and competitive migrations using the powerful What If capacity planning feature in Performance Navigator. Workloads from any or all servers can be combined and modeled to any IBM i, AIX/UNIX, VIOS, Linux, Solaris, or HP-UX server.

Problem Determination

Whether it’s a planned change or a situation where you discover that something has changed on one of your production virtual machines (VMs), the What’s Different Analysis feature in Performance Navigator shows a before-and-after analysis, so you can easily identify what’s different between good days and bad days.