Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i

Discover a Better Way to Manage User Profiles

Every user on your IBM i server has a user profile, sometimes multiple profiles. And, users may have several profiles across multiple systems, each used for different job functions and responsibilities. Multiply that by the size of your data center and it doesn’t take long to realize how difficult it is to stay in control. Hire a new employee and you have to create one or more user profiles on each system to which the employee needs access. When an employee leaves, you have to remember to disable or remove all user profiles attached to that person. There has to be a better way.

Automate User Profile Management

Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i offers a solution to the complications of user profile management. It provides a centralized approach for administrators to create and manage user profiles on one system or across multiple systems.

Identity Manager offers several options for managing user profiles, depending on how much (or how little) you want to manage automatically:

  • Create a User Profile
    • Use Identity Manager to define a user profile instead of using the Create User Profile (CRTUSRPRF) command. You can add automated management at a later time.
  • Apply a Template
    • Define standard user profile settings for a job or set of responsibilities. Assign the template to user profiles or positions to help maintain consistency. Custom data items can be added to templates for greater flexibility. If you update the template, Identity Manager distributes the changes to each user profile that uses the template. Advanced sorting and filtering allows you to easily identify all profiles associated with a template.
  • Manage Profiles on Multiple Systems
    • Once you define your systems to the central administration menu, all profiles on those systems are added automatically. You can now change settings across multiple profiles on multiple systems, update profile templates on multiple systems, or edit a single profile on a single system, all from the central administration menu. Profile settings can be monitored and updated in real time.
  • Define Departments, Positions, and Companies
    • To implement role-based security, group user profiles and manage them as one unit for ease of use.
  • Manage Users with Multiple Profiles
    • A single user can be assigned to multiple departments, positions, or companies. Flexible naming patterns make it easy to distinguish one profile from another
  • Onboard New Employees
    • Use Identity Manager to onboard new employees or existing employees taking on new responsibilities. It automatically creates user profiles on each managed system using the appropriate department/position and template. You can replicate the settings of existing users, which can eliminate the need to build new profiles from the ground up.
  • Sync Passwords
    • Keep IBM i passwords the same across a network of systems. With password syncing enabled, a change to a synced password on any managed system can propagate to all other managed systems on the network for that user.
  • Active Directory Integration
    • Identity Manager helps to streamline and simplify user profile management. Eliminate repetitive onboarding processes by synching your Active Directory entries with Identity Manager to update existing profiles, or even create new ones. Any updates to Active Directory entries will be reflected in Identity Manager's People definitions, ensuring that profiles between Active Directory and Identity Manager are in alignment.

View and Remedy Audit Results

Audit user profile settings against those defined in a template to identify discrepancies. When failures are found, take corrective action by easily applying remedies to user profiles. Remedies allow you to update value records or ignore failures, and they can be applied manually or automatically



  • Define user profiles 
  • Create and apply templates  
  • Manage profiles on multiple systems  
  • Group user profiles and manage them as one  
  • Manage users with multiple profiles 
  • Onboard new employees 
  • Active Directory integration  
  • Sync passwords across IBM i systems 
  • Add custom data items to entities such as Templates


  • IBM i 7.1 or higher


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