Robot Schedule Enterprise

Job Scheduling Automation for IBM i, Windows, UNIX, and Linux

When IT departments fall short of their goals for productivity, security, and budget, they can often trace their problems back to inefficient manual processes. Robot Schedule helps you meet those goals by automating error-prone job scheduling tasks and allowing you to control them from a single, intuitive interface. Extending those capabilities, Robot Schedule Enterprise brings automation power to the Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems connected to your IBM i servers.

Processing Across Platforms

The IBM i platform is a winner in terms of all three major factors in server quality: reliability, availability, and serviceability. In addition, IBM i is one of the most securable server platforms in the world. In other words, scheduling jobs from your Power Systems server helps you avoid costly downtime while protecting your valuable data.

However, batch job scheduling is an enterprise-wide endeavor. Nightly processes can require integration with non-IBM i servers, and IBM i data is often a prerequisite for batch processes to run on a UNIX, Windows, or Linux server. Robot Schedule Enterprise coordinates jobs between these systems without the need for manual intervention or unreliable timer jobs. The result is more precise, timely processing.



Mobile Job Schedule Management

Robot Schedule Enterprise transforms the way you manage your job schedule. The mobile-ready web interface allows you to monitor your job schedule activity from anywhere on a display optimized for your preferred device. Mobile and web users can conveniently hold or start jobs, define dashboards and critical jobs lists, and view job logs, QHST, schedule activity, and live job flow diagrams so business can continue without interruption, even when you’re on the go.

Flexible Calendars

Robot Schedule Enterprise lets you choose from dozens of scheduling options, such as day of the week, to meet the unique needs of your organization. For example, you might schedule some jobs by date, others by time interval, and still others by exception. All you have to do is enter your jobs and specify when they should run.

Dependency Processing

For more customized scheduling, Robot Schedule Enterprise helps you break free from calendars by triggering processes based on events. When a predetermined event completes, the next one runs automatically. This eliminates the need to create time gaps for late-running or slow-starting jobs, which makes your schedule more efficient, more flexible, and less error prone.

Easier Audits

The ability to meet HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), and other requirements is a key part of a healthy organization. Robot Schedule Enterprise features an audit log to automatically record who performed which scheduling task such as creating a job, changing a job setup, or running a job outside its scheduled time. In fact, Robot Schedule Enterprise includes ready-to-use reports for all data security standards.

Robot Schedule Enterprise also allows you to control user access to specific functions, data, and jobs. This helps protect your data in tandem with IBM i’s internal security.

Meeting Service Levels

A positive reputation is as important as the services your business provides. Robot Schedule Enterprise helps foster good reputations by helping companies keep their word. Onboard job monitors make it easier to meet service-level agreements.

If a job runs too long or completes too quickly, Robot Schedule can take action. Alternatively, you can receive alerts via text, email, or SNMP trap. Just add Robot Alert or Robot Network and use your favorite mobile device to stay current wherever you are. Best of all, our performance monitoring and message management tools integrate seamlessly with Robot Schedule Enterprise.



  • Enterprise job scheduling
  • Event-driven scheduling
  • Server job manager
  • Cross-platform dependencies
  • Ability to include Microsoft SQL
  • Server jobs and FTP in your enterprise schedule


  • Centralize enterprise schedules on IBM i with Robot Schedule
  • Receive notification when important jobs end abnormally with Robot Alert
  • Receive a status message when a critical Windows, UNIX, or Linux server becomes unavailable with Robot Network


  • IBM i
  • Windows
  • Linux


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