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Why should I choose Sequel Data Warehouse?

Complex Data Integration

Use sophisticated extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes to bring all of your data sources together, whether they’re IBM i, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle,, or virtually any other source.

Extensive Database Management

It’s easy to create databases in any design, reverse-engineer existing databases, or run impact analysis along with your other necessary tasks to monitor and control your data.

Real-Time Change Data Capture

Significantly reduce load times for certain types of data in your warehouse with Change Data Capture (CDC) functionality.

Data Validation

Consolidate, summarize, and validate data against multiple databases to ensure that you’re understanding one clear version of the truth. Ensure data integrity and eliminate data errors.

Data Security

Set user authority and integrate your data warehouse with your IBM i to ensure that your raw data is always protected from external forces.

Intuitive User Interface

Programmers and non-programmers can build and manage tables, perform ETL, and develop complex applications quickly and easily.

We have to look at return on investment in everything we do. If we were using a toolset that required three programmers to do what one business user can do with Sequel Data Warehouse, then that return would no longer be there.

Eddie Urfer, Director of Data Analytics, Fortegra

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Get the information you need to find out if a data warehousing project is right for you. Download Calculating the True Cost of Bad Data to learn about the importance of data accuracy in an increasingly data-driven world.