SQL/400 vs. Sequel Data Access Comparison Checklist

Which tool meets your BI needs?

Data access software is a must for taking the temperature of your business. But the features and flexibility of data access software can vary widely. SQL/400, for instance, is sufficient for accessing data, but it lacks when it comes to analyzing and delivering data. Sequel Data Access, on the other hand, offers greater flexibility for data analysis and delivery.

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Use this checklist to identify your must-haves in data access software and help you decide if it’s time to move from SQL/400 to Sequel.


Access and Query Data: SQL/400 Sequel Data Access
Run from green screen, PC, or browser
Query data on IBM i
Select one or more fields and files
Access data from partitioned tables
Perform inner, outer, and partial-outer joins
Support union of data
Perform sub-selects
Convert numeric and character date strings to date-data type fields ✓*
Combine your processes with one script
Enable users to request data output at run time ✓*
Access multi-platform data
Use derived field in join criteria
Allow dependent variables to be passed seamlessly
Select data from multi-member files
Include an interactive menu interface
Run on-demand requests from the menu



Secure Data: SQL/400 Sequel Data Access
Utilize IBM i authority to run a query
Define library, file, field, and row level security
Audit and track user data requests
Restrict long-running queries



Analyze Data: SQL/400 Sequel Data Access
Drag and drop libraries, files, and fields
Drill down from summary to detail data (dynamically)
Drill down through data (predetermined path)
Summarize data dynamically
Request sub-totals, grand totals, and counts
Use pivot tables for dynamic analysis
Create graphs and charts over data
Display data, graphs, gauges, and more in a dashboard
Create PC-based reports over data
Customize formatted reports



Deliver Data: SQL/400 Sequel Data Access
Export results to PC formats directly or on-demand, like Excel, PDF, etc.
FTP data in any PC format
Email results as PC files directly or on-demand
Schedule jobs to deliver data in PC files


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