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Your IT department needs to deliver data reports and files from IBM i to users fast. With Esend data distribution software, you can! The software is fast, reliable, and cost-effective for delivering data via email and FTP. Plus, it integrates with Sequel Data Access for fast and accurate data access.

Say Goodbye to Manual Report Distribution

With Esend, there’s no need to mail hardcopy reports or waste time and money on labor, paper, and shipping costs. Esend’s automated electronic distribution capabilities make it easy to deliver data digitally. You can use the traditional green screen or a graphical interface. In either interface, you’ll get up-to-date information fast and send it to users instantly via email or FTP.

Choose Your Output

Format IBM i spooled file reports just aren’t enough for today’s business users. With Esend, you can output spooled files to PDF or other file formats for digital distribution.

Plus, Esend works with your existing form overlays for data reports, so you can incorporate form graphics within the PDF file output.

Deliver Data Fast Via Email and Secure FTP

Send your data in the output format of your choice via email or secure FTP. Email delivery should fit your needs. Esend allows the flexibility to personalize your email messages directly from the software and add attachments per your requirements. FTP delivery is also fast with Esend. You can even use FTP to transmit IBM i spooled file reports to another server.

Plus, FTP transmissions are secure with FTP Server Profiles and encrypted remote passwords. Esend also makes it easy to distribute via FTP and email in one step. For instance, you can send a file to multiple locations via FTP and email it to multiple recipients.

Automate the Report Distribution Process

There’s no need for manual report distribution efforts anymore. Use Esend to automate distribution to multiple recipients (via bursting and collating). Rest assured that your report distribution is secure. Recipients will only receive reports and files they’re supposed to see.

Plus, you can use Esend to monitor output queues and automatically email spooled files to appropriate recipients.



  • Fast distribution via email and FTP
  • Flexible output format options
  • Instant delivery to multiple recipients
  • Automatic output queue monitoring and forwarding


  • Sequel Data Access for IBM i and remote data access


  • IBM i 7.1 or higher


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