Date Simulation Software for IBM i

Simulate the date and time for IBM i jobs and applications with Anydate date simulation software.

With Anydate, you can simulate any date and time—between 1928 and 2071. You’ll be able to run date- or time-sensitive applications without resetting your system date. Since your date and time overrides are restricted to the job in question, it is safe to use even when other jobs are running on your IBM i.

Go to the Future

Creating a test environment for month-end and year-end calculations is often necessary—especially in banking—to make sure your applications are working properly. Anydate makes it easy to test your IBM i applications over a future date and time, so you can be certain everything is in order.

Return to the Past

Need to rerun historical reports using the system date as a parameter? Anydate makes it easy. For instance, if last weekend’s production jobs failed, you can use Anydate to restart them with the appropriate date value.

Stop the Clock

Sometimes procedure testing requires you to stop the clock on a system date or time in an IBM i job stream. With Anydate, it’s quick and easy to freeze time—and doing so can save you from needing to change the time repeatedly on your tests. 

Cross Time Zones

Many organizations today have a network of systems spread across different time zones. Use Anydate to show the correct time and date at each location. 

Get Up and Running Quickly

Anydate installs in minutes and is easy to use from both interactive and batch jobs. Control Anydate with two basic commands. Enter OVRSYSDATE (override system date) to start the job with simulated values. When you’re ready to end the date simulation, use DLTDATEOVR (delete date override) to return the job to normal system values. 



  • Set the date (past, present, or future) for IBM i jobs and applications


  • IBM i job schedulers like Robot Schedule


  • IBM i 7.1 or higher


Get Started with Anydate

See how easy it is to run your IBM i jobs in the past, present, and future.