Document Management for Hospitality and Gaming

Eliminate paper and improve the guest experience with seamless document management.

Check-Out Time for Paper Documents

Document management for hospitality and gaming speeds up check-in.

Guests come first in the hospitality and gaming industry.

From the minute they check in to the minute they leave, they should experience top-notch hospitality.

However, for too many hotels, spas, and casinos, documents get in the way of the best possible guest experience.

It’s commonplace for many hotels, spas, and casinos to waste time processing paperwork instead of interacting with guests. Questions stemming from missing documents send employees scurrying. And at the end of the day, no one is as happy as they should be.

Electronic document and forms management can make all the difference by centralizing documents, making signatures a breeze, and keeping the check-in and check-out processes smooth.

With solutions from Fortra document management software, you can cut down on paper and improve the guest experience at your business.

Discover how electronic forms and signature management software can help.


In the past, the software we used broke down a lot and we had to run around to get it working again. Sign Here and Webdocs stay up and are always available.

John Borelli, Vice President of IT, Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

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Provide the Best Welcome for Your Guests

Give your guest the best possible experience. Shorten the mundane necessities of check-in, so guests can spend as much time as possible enjoying your hotel, casino, and/or spa.

Faster Check-Ins

Faster check-in processes lead to happier guests. With document management for hospitality and gaming, guests can fill out and sign paperwork digitally. Plus, guests save time by signing once and then easily applying that signature to registration cards, check-in documents, bills, receipts, and more. 

Easy Payments

Wrapping up their stay shouldn’t be a pain for your guests. With digital signatures and digital documents, you’ll make it easier for a guest to sign off on their bill and get on with their day. 

Superior Guest Service—Always

Guest interactions don’t always end with their departure. When your guests return home they might need an extra copy of their bill or statement. Or, they might have a question about the facility or a service they received during their stay. Unlike paper files, a digital document repository means answers are just a keyword search away, leaving the customer with a favorable impression of your business.

Productivity Across the Board

Return your employee focus back to the guest. With digital documents, the tedious tasks of preparing, filing, and managing paperwork disappear. Registration forms, invoices, and more can be recalled in an instant from your secure document repository—instead of after a thorough filing cabinet search. You’ll always know where the documents are and how to find them.

No More Paper

Dealing with paper is a pain for anyone. But when you implement digital document management across your organization, the paper becomes a thing of the past. Reclaim physical file storage space for your office—or your guests.

Give Your Clientele the Best

See for yourself how document management for hospitality and gaming will help your business. In your free trial, see how Webdocs Forms Management can help streamline your processes for guest check-in, payment collection, and more. Take the next step to improving the customer experience.