Webdocs helps you streamline your business processes by managing the entire document lifecycle digitally. That makes it easier for everyone at your organization to get the information they need anytime, anywhere (as long as they’re authorized).

Capture Every Document

Automate the document capture process—no matter how you receive documents. With Webdocs, you can go beyond just scanning and storing documents digitally. You’ll be able to instantly capture documents from email, FTP, and your business systems (ERP and LOB)—without manual effort.

Keep Documents in One Central Repository

You don’t need to search through a shared drive or riffle through a filing cabinet. When you have Webdocs, you’ll gain one central repository. Searching for a document takes just a few clicks. Plus, you can store your documents on-premises or in the cloud.

And, no matter where you keep your documents, you can count on Webdocs security to keep your information safe. Simply use administrative tools to set user access. Put rules in place to keep certain groups from seeing certain documents—like keeping employees from seeing payroll information.

You’ll also gain visibility over any time someone views, modifies, or deletes a document.

Retrieve Documents in Seconds

It’s easy to find and retrieve any document with Webdocs. That’s because Webdocs uses index keys to tag documents to things like company name, employee name, or invoice number.

Accelerate Document Routing

There’s no need to print and route a document anymore.

With Webdocs, you can route documents for approval within the software itself. That’s because Webdocs has a built-in workflow engine. You can send a document to a manager for approval—and Webdocs will notify that manager with an email. You don’t need to do any chasing.

Improve Collaboration

Webdocs makes it easier for employees to come together to collaborate on documents. You’ll be able to check out a document, make changes, and check it back in. From there, another employee can view and approve, modify, or reject those changes. Working on business documents just got easier.

Deliver Documents Fast

Need to send a document to a customer or vendor? You can do that directly from Webdocs. All you need to do is go to your document and share it via email. It’s secure, and it speeds up the communication process.

Access Documents Anywhere, Anytime

Webdocs is browser-based, so you can access, use, and share files from anywhere.



  • Central document repository
  • In-browser viewing
  • Built-in document routing
  • Full-text indexing
  • Multiple key search functions
  • Version control
  • Enterprise-level security
  • On-premises or cloud-based


  • Enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs)
  • Line-of-business systems (LOBs)

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