Powertech Risk Assessor for IBM i

A comprehensive diagnosis is often overlooked when it comes to the security configuration of IBM i. Most system administrators only have the time to manage passwords and monitor a few, selected system values. But when it comes to security, the task extends beyond passwords and system values. Powertech Risk Assessor for IBM i automates the process of gathering security information to produce a comprehensive report that includes:

  • Details about the security issues discovered 
  • Explanations of the business risks presented  
  • Recommendations for addressing the issues  
  • Considerations before making changes

100+ Risk Points Covered by Risk Assessor Include:

Users on the System (22 risk points covered)

  • Users with Default Passwords 
  • Inactive Users  
  • Powerful Users 
  • Powerful Groups 
  • Groups that Own Objects  
  • Groups whose Passwords are not *NONE  
  • Altered IBM Profiles  
  • IBM Profiles with a Password  
  • IBM Profiles that are Group Profiles  
  • Profiles that are "Not" *EXCLUDE 
  • *USE Authority to IBM-Supplied Profiles 
  • *USE Authority to non IBM Profiles
  • Password Expiration Interval 
  • Limited Capability Users  
  • Commands for Limited Users  
  • Controlling Users' Green Screen Environment  
  • User Profiles with Programs that Adopt Authority 
  • Controlling Users' PC Desktop 
  • DST Users and Passwords 
  • Validation Lists Users

Object Level Authority (10 risk points covered)

  • *PUBLIC Authority of Libraries  
  • *PUBLIC Authority of Commands, Programs & Files  
  • Users Authorized to Create Libraries  
  • Create Authority  
  • *PUBLIC Authority of Directories 
  • Users Authorized to Create Directories  
  • Getting Started with Object Authorities  
  • Authorization Lists  
  • File Shares  
  • Application Administration

System Values (46 risk points covered)

  • Security System Values  
  • Password System Values 
  • Auditing System Values  
  • Library System Values

Exit Points (9 risk points covered)

  • Network Access Points
  • Trigger Programs
  • Open Database File Exit
  • Commands
  • Command Exits
  • Validity Checker & Prompt Override Programs
  • User Profile Exits
  • Viruses in the IFS
  • Network Attributes

Final Considerations (30 risk points covered)

  • Auto-Start Values of TCP/IP Servers
  • Time-Out Values of TCP/IP Servers
  • Digital Certificate Expiration Dates
  • Open Ports & Port Restrictions
  • Group PTFs
  • Server Authentication Entries
  • NetServer Guest Profile
  • Adopted Authority
  • Output Queues
  • Job Descriptions
  • Subsystem Descriptions
  • User Objects in QSYS
  • Unused Products or Libraries
  • Check Object Integrity (CHKOBJITG)
  • Other Considerations


  • In-depth risk evaluation  
  • Independent, third party assessment that meets government and industry requirements 
  • Comprehensive reports written in plain language


  • IBM i 5.4 or higher


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