Showcase 10: Education

Do you want to get more out of Showcase 10? Whether you’re looking for online, in-person, or one-on-one training, Showcase offers a full spectrum of training and implementation services to meet your needs.



Online Training

These live, instructor-led online classes offer concept lectures, demonstrations, exercises, and hands-on activities. Take a class at its publicly scheduled time or schedule your own private session. Find upcoming classes >

Viewpoint Query and Tabling Fundamentals

This introductory class is for Showcase 9 query developers who need to use Showcase 10 to access data. You’ll learn how to create, modify, and run views (queries) and tables (cross-tab summary). You’ll also work with date function and run-time prompts. Finally, you will conclude the class with an open Q&A.

Length: One 3.5-hour session

Cost (scheduled): $297 per student

Cost (private session): Call 800-328-1000 for pricing

Viewpoint Scripting

This class is for Showcase 10 developers who need to maintain migrated Warehouse Builder Definitions/Sets and create multi-step and complex processes. We’ll create scripts that are suitable for end users and for scheduling (including techniques for batch queries that create physical files). Topics range from basic concepts through advanced script design. Participants should be comfortable designing run-time prompted views in Viewpoint.

Length: One 2-hour session

Cost (scheduled): $198 per student

Cost (private session): Call 800-328-1000 for pricing

Viewpoint Client Report

Learn how to write professional reports with Viewpoint Client Report. This session is designed for Showcase 10 report designers. You’ll learn how to modify migrated Showcase 9 reports and to create new Showcase 10 client reports from scratch. Participants should be comfortable building simple views in Viewpoint.

Length: One 3-hour session

Cost (scheduled): $297 per student

Cost (private session): Call 800-328-1000 for pricing


Training On-Demand

Training On-Demand covers topics not included in Showcase 10 online classes. These classes focus on Showcase 10 functions, such as Administrator, Drill-Down Applications, and Host Report Writer. Each will include demonstration, discussion, and lab time (on your system). Training On-Demand is conveniently scheduled for a single customer with a limited class size (1 or 2 students).

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Training at Your Site

Essential Viewpoint

Gain a solid working knowledge of Showcase 10. Learn how to create, modify, and run Views (queries), Client Reports (Crystal 2011), Viewpoint Tables (cross-tab summaries), and Client Tables (dynamic pivoting).

This class also provides instruction on variables (run-time prompts), dashboards, scripting, advanced SQL functions (unique operators, unconventional joins, and conditioned logic), date functions, and drill down.

Students at all levels can enroll in this class. Prior experience with Showcase or other query tools is not required.

Length: 3 days

Cost: $2,250 per day plus all expenses of the trainer (weekday), $2,750 per day plus all expenses of the trainer (weekend)

Additional Workshop Day*

Enhance your training experience by adding an additional day of customized activities using your own data.

Length: 1 day

Cost: $1,125 per day

*An additional workshop day must be purchased with a 3-day training course at your site.

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One-on-One Consultations

Need some help setting up and using Showcase 10 on your system? We’ll work with you at your site or over the phone (and WebEx) to help you install software and migrate from prior Showcase versions. We’ll also work with you to maintain and improve your queries and reports.

Length: Varies

Cost: Call 800-328-1000 for pricing

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