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Automate the monitoring of your IBM WebSphere MQ application so IT has one less thing to worry about. MQ Manager is proactive, easy-to-use monitoring software that keeps your IBM WebSphere MQ environment healthy. With MQ Manager, you can ensure that critical processes run uninterrupted and data is delivered as expected. Try it for yourself.

Why should I choose MQ Manager?

Automatic MQ Monitoring

Monitor every piece of your IBM WebSphere MQ application, including queues, channels, and services, without any manual effort on your part.

Browser-Based Dashboard

See all your message queues in real time thanks to an online hub you can access anytime, anywhere.

Immediate Alerts

Whenever issues arise with MQ processes, you’ll be notified so you can respond right away

Less Work for IT

When monitoring happens automatically, IT has the freedom to spend their time on more business-critical projects.

Simple Installation

In just minutes, start using MQ Manager, thanks to easy deployment and ready-to-use monitoring templates.