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Disaster protection is vital to every business, but it often consists of patched together procedures that are prone to error. From automatic backups to data encryption to media management, Robot Save automates the routine (yet complex) tasks of IBM i backup and recovery, saving you time and money while making the process safer and more reliable.

Why should I choose Robot Save?

Automated Backup Procedures

Decrease the overall cost and risk of running your IBM i by letting Robot Save automatically back up libraries, object lists, part or all of the IFS, active Domino databases, or the entire system.

Audit-Friendly Documentation

Update your backup setup defaults, recovery procedures, and disaster plan automatically every time you create a new object so you can easily provide detailed audit data when needed.

Speedy Disaster Recovery

Restore accidently deleted or damaged object—or your entire IBM i—accurately and efficiently to minimize the impact while you recover the missing data.

Robot Save is the key to automated backups. We do an incremental backup every night to save anything that’s changed, including any JD Edwards data.

David Hinrichs, Systems Administrator, Cascade Corporation