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With customers demanding access to your systems and services around the clock, companies today can’t afford any downtime. If your competitor is open for business while you are not, you could be losing out. So, you must be prepared to dodge downtime, whether it comes as part of planned maintenance or unplanned outages. Robot HA allows you to replicate your important data and keep business running even when your production environment goes down.

Why should I choose Robot HA?


Robot HA has a low barrier to entry, allowing IBM i shops of all sizes to get going with high availability fast.

Easy to Set Up

Robot HA can be set up in hours, not days. The default configuration provides a great foundation and professional services can help you get up and running quickly.

Simple to Use and Maintain

Robot HA makes it easy to add libraries. Your initial rules are automatically inherited across all libraries.

Proven Technology and Technical Support

Hundreds of organizations rely on this technology for business continuity on IBM i, and Fortra support is the best in the business.