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How to Merge Data from Different Sources

In today’s world, businesses create and have access to vast amounts of data in many different forms. Even if your core business runs on the IBM i platform, you will almost certainly have applications based on other databases. While Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are probably the most prevalent, you may also need to exchange data with PostgreSQL, Excel, Salesforce and many other sources of data.

Join BI experts Alan Jordan on June 13 for a live webinar in which they will demonstrate how Sequel Data Warehouse makes it easy to merge data from all these sources to:

  • Load an IBM i based data warehouse
  • Verify, /cleanse and transform it in the ETL process
  • Provide the ability to send data out to those other platforms

Alan will use demonstrations and case studies to highlight how our customers are using Sequel Data Warehouse as a central part of their data integration strategy.

We hope to see you there!

Jun 13, 2023
45 minutes