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Scan Your IBM i, AIX, Linux, LinuxONE, and Linux on IBM Z Servers

Detect and neutralize threats to your IBM i, AIX, Linux, LinuxONE, and/or Linux on IBM Z servers with a free virus scan.

Virus attacks to your server can’t be prevented and no platform is immune. Responding to viruses and removing them is the only way to reduce the risk of costly damage to your organization. This is why government and industry regulations require anti-virus protection on all systems.

Powertech Antivirus can protect your system in three easy steps.

  1. Install a free trial of Powertech Antivirus on your IBM i, AIX, Linux, LinuxONE, and/or Linux on IBM Z server to get 30 days of free virus protection.
  2. Scan your system with Powertech Antivirus. We’ll walk you through the process and help you begin your scan—it couldn’t be easier! Any viruses found will be removed.
  3. Once the scan is complete, you’ll receive a complimentary follow-up call to review the results.

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One organization I worked with hadn’t scanned their servers for malware in years. When they finally scanned their IBM i, they were shocked to find 248,095 files infected with CryptoWall, a highly destructive type of ransomware.

Robin Tatam, Director of Security Technologies, Fortra

Can You Scan Your Server with Windows-Based Anti-Virus Software?

Yes—but you probably shouldn’t. Windows-based scanning introduced serious concerns that can only be avoided with a program built specifically for your OS.

Security Vulnerabilities

Scanning servers with a Windows-based program requires leaving a computer signed on with full authority, and files are transferred between the server and the work station without encryption. This compromises the security of your server. Native scanning eliminates these security exposures.

Reliability Concerns

Using a program that’s not built for your server’s OS can lead to failures that trigger pop-up alerts. This makes the scanning process very manual, requiring almost constant monitoring by someone physically present at the work station. Native scanning is fully automated.

Stability Problems

Lost connections to the server, lost power, pop-up warning messages, and many other problems can cause a Windows-based scanning solution to stop entirely. With software that runs natively on your server, these problems are eliminated.

Poor Performance 

Scanning with a Windows-based program is incredibly slow and dramatically increases the network load. Because native scanning programs are built for your server’s OS, they can handle every type of file quickly and correctly, without increasing the network load.

Detect and Neutralize Virus Threats to Your IBM i, AIX, and Linux Servers