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When it comes to automation, advance notification is half the battle. Robot Alert is a critical component for managing your systems by exception. You can receive IBM i messages and send a response quickly and easily—even embed Robot Alert commands in your programs—so managing multiple recipients and escalation procedures is easy. Robot Alert can keep you in the know about your system, no matter where you are.

Why should I choose Robot Alert?

Two-Way Messaging

Receive and response to any message from any system on the network from your preferred device or program—even email IFS attachments!

Multiple Recipients

Funnel messages to one person or broadcast them to many. If a message is not answered quickly, automatically route it elsewhere, even to a different IBM i.


Stay connected to your system without being tied to the office. Be the first to know when important jobs start, finish, or fail; get notified when there’s critical storage condition or when a backup needs help; and email reports automatically.

Robot Alert sends a message to our night operator when a problem occurs. If he doesn’t respond within 5 minutes, Robot Alert escalates the message to the people on call until someone responds to the situation.

Jim McDaniels, Assistant Vice President and Computer Operations Manager, Bank of Stockton