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Robot Replay automates interactive jobs, including FTP processes. Use it to create Replay objects that mimic interactive processes—processes that you can execute automatically and unattended using Robot Schedule. With Robot Replay, you can automate the un-automatable.

Why should I choose Robot Replay?

No More Manual 5250 Tasks

Record and automate interactive processes, menu operations, and field input in your labor-intensive, green screen applications.

Secure Interactive Processes

Specify who can access menus, commands, functions, and objects to protect sensitive data in your interactive procedures.

Time Savings

Save the time, money, and effort of rewriting interactive processes. Automating these processes ensures that they run safely, quickly, and on time.

Robot Replay builds our environment, runs our Infor ERP XA processes using reserve command variables, and logs into the FTP server to perform some cleanup processes.

Ed Kandel, Senior Programmer Analyst, Cone Drive