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Robot Reports automates report bursting, distribution, bundling, and archiving. It also offers secure, selective online report viewing to reduce the paper and labor costs associated with report generation. Never re-run another report with Robot Reports.

Why should I choose Robot Reports?

Automated Report Distribution

Burst and distribute reports automatically. Slice up IBM i spooled files to create report segments for specific audiences. Send the total page to your CEO.

Electronic Distribution and Online Viewing

Convert spooled files to PDF, CSV, text, or HTML for fast and easy distribution. Make IBM i reports available to your users immediately through web-based or green screen interfaces.

Archiving and Retention

Simplify your data retention compliance issue and create a retention system for critical reports. If an end user loses a printed report, they can retrieve the latest or archived versions from the browser interface and print or PDF from there.

Convenience and Cost Savings

Keep your staff away from the printers and cut paper and shipping costs in half. Enter the rules for distributed printing and Robot Reports duplicates spooled files to multiple distributed printers. No need for multiple people to run the same report.

The feature that has really saved us money is online viewing—currently, we view over 175,000 pages per month online as view-only reports that are printed only if the recipient decides it's necessary.

Deborah Richardson, Operations Supervisor, Patrick Industries