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POWER PLATFORM MONITORING Others Performance Navigator
Supports all operating systems (IBM i, AIX, VIOS, Linux)
PowerVM aware (desired, virtual, virtual shared pools, capped, uncapped, etc.)
Collects historical infrastructure data (CPU, memory, disk, etc.)
Collects historical performance data (CPU, memory, disk, etc.)
Collects historical job or process data
Collects historical disk library/object and file system data
Small disk space consumption via data reduction process
Host data collection is FREE*
*Access the data via a Windows client, includes free access to historical CPU utilization, and HTML Daily Health Check. Data can also be sent to Fortra or your IBM Business Partner for analysis. Access to all other functions/features requires keycode in the Windows client.
MANAGEMENT REPORTING Others Performance Navigator
FREE Daily Health Check
Automated (or manual) production of management reports
Customizable dashboard framework (by enterprise, frame, partition, data center, customer)
Browser based (HTML + JPG graphs)
Email option for JPGs
Built-in and customizable reports
Reports with historical trending
Reports with best-practice guideline analysis (below, approaching, or above)
Reports by enterprise (all frames, all partitions, all operating systems)
Reports by frame (all partitions, all operating systems)
Reports by partition (all operating systems)
Reports by multiple date ranges (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
Disk space historical analysis (why is my disk space growing)
Before & After Analysis (day vs. day, week vs. week, month vs. month, etc.)
Historical job analysis historically, including ODBC
PROBLEM DETERMINATION Others Performance Navigator
Determine if hardware is the cause or part of the cause with historical data (all components, CPU, disk, memory, VSP, etc.)
Resource utilization by partition, frame, virtual shared pool
Historical resource consumption for every job and user (monthly for years, averages by date/week/month, and interval date for 90 days)
Graphical interface over the raw Collection Services data (point and click for over 250 metrics)
Job wait bucket analysis
ODBC current user analysis
IBM i memory pool(s) analysis
CAPACITY PLANNING Others Performance Navigator
Uses data by FREE host code sent to analyst (HelpSystems, IBM, business partner)
Uses historical infrastructure and performance data to select a peak day automatically (averages can be used)
Consolidates workload regardless of model or operating system
Selects target system(s) (i.e. POWER9 or POWER10 model)
Automatically calculates the PowerVM settings (desired/virtual) based on active cores
Automatically calculates the PowerVM settings (desired/virtual) based on desired room for growth (optional xxth percentile)
Automatically calculates the PowerVM settings (desired/virtual) based on shared pools
Automatically calculates the number of core operating system licenses
Option to add or subtract workload
Project workload based on historical growth rate
Support for IBM Cloud and other cloud vendors
Calculated HA/DR bandwidth requirements
Support for Dynamic Capactiy (PEP2-# of base operating system licenses and recommend credit $)
Automatically balances multiple frames (scale out)
Models and recommends internal and external disk configuration for IBM i
Provides peak disk workload data as input to IBM Storage Modeller (StorM)
Recommends amount of memory and configuration
Deliverables are all graphical
SUPPORT AND SERVICES Others Performance Navigator
Access complete online help for easy reference
Work with a designated support consultant
Call or email for live support during business hours
Online and custom training available
Download software updates for new features and fixes
Use product setup and upgrade assistance
Attend industry and product webinars
Read white papers, case studies, how-to documents, and other helpful resources
Take advantage of problem determination services
Take advantage of capacity planning services

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