RPG2SQL Integrator

Data Integration Software for Windows and IBM i

Seamlessly integrate cross-platform data

An IT staffer enjoys fast and easy data integration

Seamlessly Integrate Data

Manually integrating data across platforms is a time-consuming chore. But when you use data integration software, you break down the barriers between your IBM i and PC. Bring IBM i data into your PC and vice versa. The software makes data integration seamless and empowers you to share, transfer, and convert data across platforms easily.

Get Real-Time Updates and Make Better Decisions

Since data transfers occur in real-time, your business systems are updated instantly—without any extra effort on your part. As a result, customers, partners, and users get the information they need without having to wait for overnight updates, file transfers, or duplicative data entry. Plus, since data transfers are automatic, you’ll always have the most accurate data at your fingertips and you’ll be able to make better business decisions faster.

Boost Productivity and Work Smarter

Stop wasting your time on manual efforts to transfer files, replicate databases, and rekey data across applications. When you use data integration software, you can allocate your time to more important tasks and work smarter.

Cross-Platform Data Integration

Instantly integrate cross-platform and Microsoft Excel data on IBM i


Data is maintained on various applications and platforms in your environment. Manual efforts to integrate data across platforms often involve complicated file transfers, database replications, manual rekeying, and a tremendous amount of time.

Data integration software allows your IBM i programs to read, write to, and update databases like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle instantly—and vice versa.

RPG2SQL Integrator Makes It Easy

Remove barriers between your IBM i and PC to share, transfer, and convert data across platforms

Utilize RPG and COBOL programs to read, write, insert, update, or delete records in real time from PC databases that use ADO or ODBC data sources (i.e. SQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, dBase, FoxPRo, MySQL, and CSV)

Process RPG or COBOL requests using the PC Server

Execute tasks on the PC and automatically return data to RPG or COBOL

Simplify complicated data transfers and update business systems in real-time

Eliminate database replications and manual rekeying of data

Get Started

Seamlessly integrate cross-platform and Microsoft Excel data using IBM i programs. See what RPG2SQL Integrator has to offer when you request a free demo.