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Database Monitor for IBM i provides a complete audit trail and real-time notifications, making it easy to meet compliance requirements and reduce security risks. To estimate the cost of purchasing Database Monitor for your organization, simply fill out the form to get started. One of our sales representatives will follow up with you to discuss your organization’s needs and provide a customized quote.

Why should I choose Database Monitor for IBM i? 

First-Rate Support

Get your questions answered by a real person 24/7.

Unparalleled Expertise

Partner with industry-leading IBM i security experts.

Data Change Recording

Capture data changes in a secure, auditable database and create an audit trail with visibility to all changes from all systems.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor critical events in real time and automate reporting to conserve resources and enhance security.

Quick ROI

Extend the capabilities of your existing systems—including your file journal—to reduce the burden security regulations place on IT resources.

If you have X amount of users down and take their average salary, multiply that by the hours of downtime and then add in the network team’s time (in dollars) for remedying this; that cost is significantly higher than if you had initially protected the IFS with Powertech Antivirus for IBM i. That is simply a no brainer. You have to lock down the IFS to secure your server. If the server is secure, then you can sleep better.

IT Director, Energy Company