Developer Productivity Tool for IBM i

Complete IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) application development tool

Streamline the Development Process

Beat your deadline. Whether you’re making a quick program change or writing a new application from scratch, Abstract smooths the entire development process, helping the development team save time and improving programmer productivity.

Control System Applications

Control your IBM i applications without a lot of busy work. Document program changes and create flowcharts in no time to help you analyze system applications, keep enhancements on track, and maintain the highest level of productivity across the department.

One Easy-to-Use Package

Everything you need to simplify your IBM i application development lives in one user-friendly interface. Accessing all of your development tasks and utilities from a single screen makes application development hassle-free.


Key Features

Cross-reference system objects and procedures

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Simplify IBM i application development with powerful cross-referencing tools. Abstract works with the IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software (RDi) to build a where-used cross reference of system objects and procedures that allows you to track object and field usage, as well as perform file analysis and other reference tasks.

Abstract for RDi is for Everyone

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The entire development team can benefit from using user-friendly IBM i developer productivity tools.

  • Programmers can spend less time editing, compiling, and debugging programs. Abstract automates manual tasks and helps programmers multitask easily.
  • Analysts can use Abstract’s system overview to integrate new applications or changes. Quickly access comprehensive information about application structure, data flows, and object references.
  • Managers and auditors can get full-scale documentation on how an application works. They can produce file layouts, job stream flowcharts, and top-down and bottom-up analysis of object usage with minimal effort.

Develop at the Speed of Light

Speed up application development with Abstract. Here’s how:

Create, review, or edit options without leaving the development environment

Use substitution parameters to reduce the number of transactions and tighten program integration

Perform in-depth file analysis

View object relationships in where-used or use-by lists

Analyze object relationships with in-depth cross-referencing

Generate source and object flowcharts

Create exception reports to identify application problems

Automatically rebuild objects after a program or file layout changes

Find data strings

Get Started

Increase your team’s productivity with an integrated set of cross-referencing, documentation, and programmer tools. Get in touch to schedule a software demonstration and learn how Abstract could help your company develop and change IBM i applications faster.