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Why should I choose Robot Space?

Custom Storage Thresholds

Increase system performance by creating flexible storage thresholds for your ASP, IASP, temporary jobs, QTEMP files, and spooled files.

Automated Disk Cleanup

Cross a threshold, kick off a cleanup process. Automatically delete unused files, list duplicate and damaged objects, clear message queues, and more.

Visual Data Monitoring

Assess your current storage status at a glance or drill down to investigate storage issues. View real-time ASP storage, growth history, threshold history, active job storage history, and active job status.


Make it easy to plan and budget for storage purchase decisions by mapping growth trends and predicting future disk space requirements.

We have thresholds in place and Robot will notify us when we cross them. We also have the trigger set on the OS, more so for our test environment. We've really seen the value of Robot Space and hope to push it out to all our servers, not just the production environment.

Charles Bertsch, Computer Operations Manager, Heartland Financial USA, Inc.