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Sequel Data Access is modern business intelligence software for IT professionals and business users who need to access and interpret data on IBM i and remote databases in order to make smart, data-driven business decision. Requesting a personalized demo is a great next step for seeing the benefits of Sequel Data Access for your business needs.

Our team of software experts would love to hear exactly what you’re looking for in a data access tool and show you how Sequel Data Access makes business intelligence easy for everyone. Your live demo will include:

  • Discussion of your organization’s data access and reporting challenges
  • An overview of the software’s core capabilities, features, and benefits
  • A live demonstration
  • Plenty of time for questions

Let us show you how easy accessing, analyzing, and reporting on your IBM i and remote databases can be with Sequel Data Access. Just fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch to set up a demo at a time that is convenient for you.

Want a sneak preview? Take a look at the Query/400 query import feature in Sequel Data Access.



Top 3 Benefits of Sequel Data Access Software

Easy to use

Easy Data Access for All

Empower IT, business users, and decision makers with easy access to data from Db2 for i and remote databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and others using the query builder tool in Sequel Viewpoint.

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Enterprise Dashboards and Reporting

Design and present actionable data visually using the Sequel Viewpoint GUI or secure, mobile-friendly dashboards. Graphs and gauges make data easy to digest for better business intelligence. Automated reports keep it relevant without overtaxing IT.


Business Application Integration

Incorporate data from any IBM i applications business users access every day, like HarrisData, MEDHOST, TMW, Island Pacific, and in-house applications. Make it easy for them to work with their data by exporting to Microsoft Excel.

Why should I choose Sequel Data Access?

Speedy Installation

Start running queries within an hour after installing Sequel on your IBM i server.

Integration with Microsoft Excel

Use Microsoft Excel as a data source or access, analyze, and report on data directly in Excel.

Remote Database Access

Pull together data from your remote databases like DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle on your IBM i.

Executive Dashboards

Create views, graphs, and gauges to summarize key data your stakeholders need to make business decisions.

Three Great Interfaces

Access data via the IBM i green screen, graphical user interface (GUI), or a browser interface. With the browser interface, you can even access your IBM i data on the go with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Dynamic Data Analysis

Pivot and drill down via client tables, use predefined views with runtime prompts, or create ad hoc requests to easily analyze live metrics.

Customizable Reports

Design impressive graphical reports that are easy for anyone to interpret.